Park Potomac Home Automation/Distribution System:

Our customer had signed a contract with a builder for a luxury townhome. The builder did not offer an Automation package as a pre-installed option. We worked with the builder’s electrician and low voltage contractors in the designing of the system and prewiring the home. We were not allowed to actually install the wiring, just to specify the location and types of wire we wanted. The home was designed so that the customer could have Automation control of HVAC, Lighting and security but nothing could be installed until the customer settled on the home. When the home was completed and the customer settled we immediately began work on install the equipment. We installed Stealth Acoustic invisible distributed audio speakers, Control4 Automation system, Samsung Flat screen TVs, and a Definitive Technology Reference 7.2 Home Theater in his loft. To fully automate the home we installed Control4 equipment to control the lighting, HVAC and security system. What would have been your “run of the mill” townhome is now a fully automated luxury home. The owner now has the capability of controlling his lighting, temp, security system and access control of the home with a Baldwin Lockset. The distributed Audio and video system allows for video and music throughout the home without the ugly necessity of cable boxes, DVD player & wiring stacked below each TV.