AOL Headquarters Screen Wall:

All About Sound & Video is able to respond to our customers sometimes demanding and short time horizon schedules. We received a call Friday November 27 at 4:30PM regarding the replacement of AOL Headquarters’ existing lobby signage by Dec 9th for the Spin-off of AOL from Time Warner. The specification was to install a 3x3 digital Screenwall of nine 55” LED Back lit Samsung LCD TVs. We were able to design, quote and sign the project by Weds Dec 2. By Dec 4th we sourced and delivered the most of the material and equipment to begin work on Friday night. Due to the location of the signage we had to work after hours in order to accommodate the client and complete the project. Working through the weekend and a 10 inch December surprise snow storm, we managed to get the wiring, displays and equipment prepped for installation. Our staff worked tirelessly to complete the setup and we were able to go live with the Screen wall the morning of Thursday Dec 9th.